Awnings / Canopies

Awnings / Canopies are permanent, maintenance free structures designed with simple clean lines, which enhance the appearance in all situations and are a perfect edition to NZ dwellings. Our Awnings / Canopies fully comply with the NZ Building Code, are easily installed providing a cost effective shelter for the demands of today.

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  • Outsider Awnings / Canopies are designed, engineered and made in New Zealand for the New Zealand environment.
  • Outsider Awnings / Canopies have been independently engineered and certified for up to Very High Wind Zones and fully comply with the New Zealand Building Code.
  • Outsider Awnings / Canopies are made from Marine grade, Structural RHS Aluminium.
  • Outsider Awnings / Canopies are permanent, waterproof, robust, Rust Free and require minimal maintenance.
  • Outsider Awnings / Canopies are available with either an arched or a flat styled roof.
  • Outsider Awnings / Canopies use a long life SolaSafe polycarbonate roofing with 99% UV block.
  • Outsider Awnings / Canopies are powder coated to a colour of your choice.
Shades Direct does not compromise the quality and strength of the Outsider Awning for the saving of a few dollars. We believe our product is the Best of the Best of the Best. We stand by, and are proud to supply NZ made products.
Add room, space and value to your home with living & entertaining areas the Outsider permanent waterproof Awning / Canopy systems
  • perfect for NZ weather sun shade/rain shade
  • ideal playing area for kids on rainy days
  • ideal cover over BBQ areas
  • dry the washing all year round
  • protect your dog, cat and pets
  • protection over spa pools
  • dry and protected smoking area
  • car, boat, caravan protection

NO MORE cancelled BBQ's and parties.

Our local agent can advise on the size, style and design that will best suit your situation.

Our local agent can advise on the size, style and design that will best suit your situation or for a FREE no obligation design, measure and quote.